Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Meet Your Survivors

In the coming week you will be introduced to your survivors and their struggles in this apocalyptic era of the living dead.  You will be able to communicate with each of us and will learn of our progress and struggles.  Eight survivors vs tens of thousands in this city alone.

Antonio, Brett, Dom, Francesco, Jay, Joe, Yorquin, and Will.

Come learn our stories and see our encounters first hand through our videos.

Getting to Know Your Zombie

Getting to know your zombie:
If you're going to survive a zombie apocalypse, you're going to have to know what you're up against. The man who thinks that all zombies are the same is the man who gets eaten alive! It is crucial to know the types of zombies chasing you if you're going to live to eat your next meal, and not become someone's next meal. Here is a list of different zombies to familiarize yourself with to help keep you from becoming a happy meal:
1. Slow walker:
When the zombieacalypse finally hits us, hopefully these will be the most common flesheaters we encounter. They are slow moving, inattentive and typically follow the crowds. Their real threat is being able to surround us with their large numbers. With any luck you should be able to run and push your way by them and save any ammo you have. Unfortunately, since we're in a zombie apocalypse don't count on having any luck.
2. Stupid Zombies:
These zombies have all the attributes of the slow walkers with one addition, they're morons. They can be tricked into leaving you alone if you simply act like a zombie, I.e. Shaun of the Dead. However, don't expect to be so fortunate. These are a rare breed.
3. Limbless Zombies:
Some people are lucky and are going to be eaten entirely. Some of you out there won't be so fortunate. Some people just get an arm eaten or torn off or have a leg pulled off. Before long the infection spreads and now you're a walking, or stumbling, armless headshot waiting to happen. Zombies with a missing arm are much easier to deal with. They can't get a good hold on you and you can usually push them away. Some people might think a zombie with no legs isn't dangerous. Those people are stupid and usually end up getting eaten by a zombie with no legs! They are low to the ground, out of our sight for the most part and make hardly any noise. You sit down for a breather and the next second you're Achilles tendon is being ripped open like the butt of a fat girls 2 sizes too small jeans. Don't underestimate these half-pint flesheaters. If you do, it's your ass! Or whatever part of you they want.
4. Sprinters:
There is no good advice I can offer here. Sprinters are alert, have amazing hearing and run faster than any human or undead should ever run EVER! (28 Days Later, Dawn of the Dead provide excellent examples.) Unless you're an athlete or have amazing cardio, these are the zombies that will most likely ruin your weekend. If you see them, run. If you hear them, run. If you smell them, run. If you dream about them, wake up and RUN! There really is nothing else I can say about sprinters. I hate them.
5. Mutations:
So you think you've seen it all? Well guess what...you didn't! Just when you thought legless, one armed and speed freak zombies were the worst of your troubles, things get worse. And why shouldn't they? It's the zombieacalypse not a vacation! Mutations can be anything from wall climbing crazy zombies to fat bloated spewing toxic bile on you zombies and anything in between. Think of a zombie mutation. Yep you're right. Think of another. Yep that too. The best way to survive a mutation is to avoid them at all costs. And if you think mutations aren't possible just remember, no one thought zombies were real either.

So there you have it, a nice neat rundown for you of different zombie types. Use this information well and don't take it lightly, it could well keep you alive.