Antonio "Left Behind"

Objective: Stay alive, pure and simple. I'm a survivalist and nothing is going to stop me. I'm also here to provide you with information. Vital information which will hopefully save your life.

Motto: No man left behind....except me. I've suffered enough losses to leave anyone else behind and I wouldn't dare let myself be the reason someone else dies...not again.

Weapons: Any gun I can get my hands on, but only in the right circumstances. They make too much noise and attract too much attention. A good solid hunting knife and of course my personal favorite, my Louisville Slugger. Can't go wrong with a nice aluminum bat.

Bio: I've traveled alone in this post-apocalyptic world for a long time. I've seen my fair share of terrible things, and done more than my fair share as well. I've given up the notion that any of my family members are living well and comfortable somewhere. I didn't find them at home during all this mess and I can only assume the worst. I've found it's best not to convince myself otherwise, but I try not to dwell on these thoughts for too long. The world is different now and we have to act accordingly. I earned my name "left behind" in an odd fashion. Not the way you're thinking. I was never abandoned and left for dead. Quite the opposite. I always opt to go back and help a member if I can, or create a distraction. I leave myself behind. Somehow, whether by God or sheer dumb luck, I always make it back and stay alive. The world has to have survivors, and that's what I do. I've managed to find some friends and together we navigate this abyss that used to be New York. I don't know how long we can hold out, but I know I'll be fighting until the end...

Antonio "Left Behind"

1. Getting to Know Your Zombie
2. You Never Forget Your First  
3. So You're Becoming An Undead...Now What? 
4. Meet Sam 
5. The Girl in the Yellow Dress 
6. The Girl in the Yellow Dress (2)
7. How To Avoid Being Surrounded 
8. Bonus Update: Hallucinations...??
9. Homecoming 1/3  
10. Homecoming 2/3 
11. Homecoming 3/3 
12. Choosing a Proper Hideout 
13. I'm Bored 1/2 
14. I'm Bored 2/2