"Jay MF Ruez"
   Full name is Jay Mothafukn Ruez, Jay MF Ruez for short, ladies can call me Daddy :P . I'm cool with that. When everything was normal I focused on two things, Money & Girls, not necessarily always  in that order. You can imagine how this whole zombie thing fucked that up for me. I kept asking myself what I should do in these new circumstances since my two main ambitions are no longer relevant. And then it hit me like a prophetic vision, the lord has left me here to impregnate all of the beautiful women in this world so that we may rebuild society. I know, I know, this is a crazy burden for any one man to carry. However as the chosen one, I will try to find strength to satisfy the need of the world. Ladies, please pray. Dudes, stop hating  :P . Survivors, always remember to have the "Fuck these Zombies" attitude, not fuck as in intercourse, because you might be infected even with protection. I heard some dude tried, and yea.......... She looked pretty good though so I can't even talk shit about him but.......... yea. Was she worth becoming a zombie?....... maybe XD. But I could not go that route, I was given a mission. Need to make sure these awesome genes make it to the world. Hope my entries are informative, if not enjoy them, they are the shit. 



1. Don't Judge Me
2. Teenage Dream
3. I LoOoOOoOOve My Neighbors :P
4. Even Michael Jordan Lost Games 
5. Only Girl in the World 
**Newsflash - WHERE IS THE CHOSEN 1?**