Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Night is the New Day - Chapter 1.1

What makes a loner a "loner" isn't bad looks and a surly demeanor. In my case, it went like this:

Chapter 1.1

The start of this whole thing came at a unique point in my life. I had quit my dingy office job and started a new career as a writer (ironically, venting on paper now is my only reprieve from this living hell). I had even met someone new-her name was Alice. She was a nurse at Einstein Medical Center in the Bronx who was also going to MED School. Nice catch right?

At the start of the "outbreak", everyone flew in droves to the hospitals for the immunization shots. I'd seen enough movies to know that:

1) There was no immunization shots, just quarrentine zones.

2) Confined spaces were not where I wanted to be during this particular kind of crisis, even if it was a hospital.

Plus, I had a distrust of medicine-just never felt quite natural to me.

Anyways, Alice was absolutely swamped with the heavy workload and couldn't take it anymore. After the disease started to morph into something much more gruesome, she came up with the idea to run away. Since the ordeal made the months we had been together feel like years, I quickly agreed without a second thought.

Now, you might be saying to me, "But what about your family?" Unfortunately, they were already in the throes of infection, and I knew nothing could save them in time. It was the first truly hard decision I ever had to make, but it taught me a lot about myself. How heartless I could be when I had no choice.

Hard choices came quickly in this new world, and I was far from the experiencing the worse of it...

*End Chapter 1.1.*

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