Wednesday, February 9, 2011

And the day came… Pt.2

I blinked my eyes sleepily... Was it morning already? I thrashed around looking to stop the thunderous sound coming from my travel alarm clock. I make contact and all is silent. I covered my eyes with one hand, and tried to ignore the bright sun beaming through my venetian blinds. I needed to get curtains! I was definitely going to make a stop at the mall to fix this problem. I stumbled out - ok, more like rolled out - the bed and headed to the counter. I lived in a small studio - brand new experience for me. Had only been here for two days and the walls were already creeping in on me. I had previously lived in a beautiful house: backyard, picket fence, the whole nine yards. I’m not going to dwell, that’s a story for a different day, but this studio was not cutting it; definitely adding apartment hunting on the list of things to do, I thought. I flipped the switch on my coffeemaker, one of the few items unpacked, and turned to go into the bathroom. The mirror was not my friend this morning, not that it is on many other mornings. I went through my routine: wash face, teeth, eye cream, face moisturizer… what? It’s tough being a girl! Went back to the counter, grabbed a coffee mug and fully began to prepare myself for a fantastic cup of coffee... I got nothing, nothing had brewed. I flipped the switch on/off, on/off. I unplugged and plugged. Nothing seemed to happen. I decided to think nothing of it and opened the fridge, begrudgingly aware my day would not start with coffee. Fridge was not powered. Electricity must be out, what a great start to the day. I grabbed my cell phone, which had been perched on the couch. I was Ms. Popularity because my phone alerted me to 27 missed calls. Wow, most of them left voicemails…epic. I started with my parents and, as I went through the remaining 17 messages, I noticed a theme: Panicked breathing, rapid speech and ramblings about zombies… zombies?… for real?… no f-ing way! I ran back to the bed area and began emptying out boxes labeled 'clothes.' I went through 3 boxes and finally assembled the perfect outfit…the day had come… I let out a squeal, threw on the clothes and laced up my boots. I looked into the mirror that decided to be friendly now and smiled in satisfaction. My phone rang and I jumped, both startled and excited. It was my best friend May. “Hello, Ma! Omg, got the perfect outfit on! May calm down, calm down. What do you mean they threw the bag back at you? That was a $550 Alia bag!! Now that’s not cheap, that’s a steal for a... May... May?” I dropped my phone. May had just told me she tried to bargain with a bag that is worth upwards of $1100 and this random guy, who must know nothing of fashion, threw it back at her and attacked her multipoo Charlie. Who the fuck does that? My phone went off again, it was May. “May, listen I’m going to come over there and kick that guys… what? He’s what? Did you just say he’s EATING Charlie!? I’m heading over there right now. Stay put, ok? Love you… be right there.” I hung up. Yes, the day had come for this outfit to werrrk!! Oh fuck… the day had come…

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