Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bonus Update: Hallucinations...??

Losing Stephanie was taking its toll on me. Psychologically my mind had broken down. I couldn't focus nearly as well as I did before. I was losing sleep, I had no appetite and worst of all my work was getting sloppy. I couldn’t focus on anything. My mind just wouldn’t let me do the things I had been doing this whole time which became key to my survival. My last three trips out for supplies were disastrous. The first two times I barely made it into the parking lot before the memories of the incident came flooding back to me. I had to leave and head back. The third time I managed to snag some food, but I swear my mind was playing tricks on me.

As I approached my house I noticed something I hadn’t seen before. Someone had spray painted “I.B.G.” on a house across the street from mine. I don’t remember seeing that before. Even stranger, I swore I heard gunshots, and saw a car being driven around right by the Louie and Ernie's pizzeria. I know this can't be possible, because besides Stephanie, I hadn't encountered a living person in months. I had been sneaking my way around this neighborhood for months; there was no way there were any survivors who were this close to me that I didn’t know about. Not to mention the fact that I saw, or at least I thought I saw, this car literally five houses down from my hideout. Unless these zombies were driving and shooting guns, then I was suffering from serious hallucinations. It's funny, I could swear I saw an old maroon Maxima turn that corner. I have to chalk it all up to stress and lack of sleep from losing Stephanie. It was over two weeks since she died and I wasn't handling it very well. I just have to focus and get my mind back to normal. There's no way I saw someone driving that car...right?

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