Sunday, February 6, 2011

How To Avoid Being Surrounded

The greatest strength these zombies have over us, besides their inability to feel anything, is their vast numbers. Since zombies are people, or should I say were people, and over 90% of New York’s population, and quite possibly the world, has been turned into zombies, they have massive numbers in their favor. They can surround you easily and this makes for a difficult situation. However, staying calm and remembering key points can keep you alive if you ever find yourself faced with a swarm of zombies.

  1. Travel on High Ground:

The best way to move around the city, or any location, is covertly. These zombies can smell you, they have fairly decent night vision and they’re more difficult to navigate around than you would suspect. If you have to move around your location stick to roof tops, fire escapes and anything else that keeps you off street level. Traveling underground through tunnels and city subway systems usually seems like a good idea, but remember out on the roof tops you have day light to assist you. Underground, it’s always dark. Zombies can easily follow the echoes of your footsteps or the flashlights you will undoubtedly have to use to navigate the underground. Rooftops also provide excellent places to camp out. Zombies are not prone to going into buildings and inspecting. They are creatures of instinct and usually only chase what they can see. If you’re inside a building and they don’t see you, they can’t chase you. Rooftops and cutting through buildings are always your safest ways to travel.

  1. Always Use the Middle

Most city streets are wide and have ample space. There’s no need to stick to the sidewalks and keep your back up against a building. If you’re walking around street level the best way to navigate is through back alleys and anywhere that will keep you hidden for as long as possible. However, if you must venture out into the wide open spaces then it’s safest to use the tactic of “The Middle.” This means plain and simple walk out in the middle of the street, or the center of whatever open area you’re in. If you’re in an open area zombies are without a doubt going to see you. There is no point pressing yourself up against a building and thinking it’s a good idea to cover your back when meanwhile all you did was eliminate one direction with which you can run away. Stay out in the middle of the streets. You can move quickly in any direction you need to and it makes it harder for a group to close in on you. If you’re up against a building all a group of zombies has to do is gather in front of you and then you’re screwed. If you’re in the middle of the street you have four directions to run, you can survey a larger area of space to get a better sense of where to move and you will most definitely be surrounded by abandoned vehicles giving the zombies obstacles to deal with to get to you. The vehicles also serve as a means to escape because you can always run across the tops of cars to give yourself more space.

  1. Daylight is Your Friend

Unless absolutely necessary, travel at night is not a good idea. The power is out in most cities and there are no street lamps, signs or billboards to light your way. The only light you will have is your flashlight, which the zombies will see! Unless you’re equipped with stealth tactical gear and high powered night vision goggles, which you aren’t, then moving at night isn’t smart. You cripple your key sense with darkness and you create a blatantly obvious moving target for the zombies to chase. Moving during the day time may seem like a stupid idea but overall it is much easier to navigate. During the day you only have the zombies to deal with. (Ha, only zombies!) At night you have zombies and darkness. It just doesn’t seem wise to pick up the extra handicap.

Hopefully this information has made sense to you. More importantly, I hope this information will serve its purpose; keeping you alive.

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