Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So Young, So Beautiful... 4/4

... Ugh... Where am I? How did I get here? It's so dark here. Am I dead? Maybe I'm blind. I'm so damn hungry, I must have been out for a while. Why can't I remember where I am or how I got here? Why can't I remember who I am....

At the moment, standing up seems to be a hard enough task. My legs and arms aren't responding well. I can only imagine that I hit my head pretty hard and it damaged some of my brain's functions.

I get to my feet and feel around for an exit from the darkness. It's cold here, must be in a basement or cellar. I found a set of stairs but I'm having some dificulty climbing them. Oh good, a door. I can see light through the crack beneath the door and I feel comfort, knowing that im not blind. I open the door to see that it is daytime. I'm so hungry, I must not have eaten much recently. I find the refrigerator and reach for the milk. Sour, disgusting! Must be expired. I check the date but that's no help, especially because I have no idea what day it is.

How do I look right now? I search for a mirror and I finally can see who I am. Not bad. A little pale, but maybe thats just the way that I look normally. Althougjh, for someone who has just woken up, I look like I haven't slept in days. Whats that? Seems like my clothes are torn open near my shoulder. I must have been attacked by a dog. Funny, I don't see a dog.

I search the house for some kind of clue as to who I might be. Every picture frame includes people I don't recognize and the same two people appear in a large percentage of the pictures. Must not be my home. But, what was I doing in the basement when the owners are not here? Perhaps I'm a friend or maybe even a thief. I guess that my being a thief would explain my torn clothing. Well, if I am a thief, let me get out of the house before the owners find me.

I exit the house only to find that there is not a soul in sight. The streets are filled with garbage and broken vehicles. What happened here and why was I left behind in all of this mess? I can only hope that i'm not the cause off all this mess and destruction. I travel slowly to the end of the block. I see a man walking slowly, opposite my direction. I attempt to call out to him but the words don't come out. I really must have damaged something. Or, maybe i've always been mute. I continue towards him and close the gap between us. He clearly hears my footsteps and slowly turns around. My God!

The man's face is mangled and his chest has been torn wide open. How could he have possibly survived such wounds? Why isn't he at the hospital? For some reason, my first, natural instinct is not to be afraid and run in fear. I must be used to seeing something like this. Maybe i'm a doctor. He walks very slowly and drags one leg behind. He is coming towards me and reaches out, as though to get me in his grasp, but he can't seem to reach me. I notice in the distance that there are tons more like him, and it appears that they can move faster. As fast as I can (which at the moment is pretty slow), I head for the nearest hiding place.
I continue toward the back yard of the nearest home. I probably have a better chance of not being see if I enter through a back door somewhere. I find a large shed with thick, steel walls and a heavy-looking door. Something is drawing me to the door. I must somehow recognize it as my mouth begins to salivate. I must know that there is food inside. There is a peep hole. Why would a shed need a peep hole? Oh no, it's locked. There must be someone inside. Perhaps they can let me in to take shelter.

I slam on the door repeatedly. I hear a voice but I can't understand the words from behind the door. I hear the unlocking of the door. And, before me stands a little girl. Her hair is short, bouncy, and strawberry blonde. Her eyes are a bright blue. She smiles because she appears to recognize me. Her smile creates these amazing little dimples. Who is this angelic looking girl? all that can pass through my mind is that she looks so young, so beautiful, and so delicious.......

-The End-

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