Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This is why no one likes Mondays

Screaming, more screaming, and blood... That’s all I sensed at the moment. “May! Oh my God, May, what did you do? Can you hear me? Please, talk to me.” I finally snapped to, dropping the shovel as I surveyed the damage. I could not bear to look anymore, especially at the carnage that was once Charlie. I let myself fall into Cray’s embrace. “May, I don’t know what’s going on around here, but we need to call Edie. You know she’s on top of weird, unexplainable shit.” I just nodded and let her lead me back into my home. I collapsed on my sofa, still really shaken by the experience. Cray looked at me. "OK… what the hell happened?" She extended a tissue from the box on the coffee table next to the sofa, and patiently waited for me to recount my morning. About an hour and a whole tissue box later, I was done with my tale and more composed. Cray began searching through my house for some acceptable clothes and items to pack. In the hour I was mumbling away, she seemed to be mentally packing, arranging and setting up my itinerary for the day. I let her live out her agenda; I trusted her wholeheartedly. I grabbed a towel from under the sink, picked up the shovel, and went back out to the butchery. Gently, I wrapped what was left of Charlie in the towel, and headed toward my backyard to bury his remains. I could care less about the bloody stump lying across my front lawn. I made a little grave and, as I began to cover the site, Cray came running out the back door. "We got to go, now!" Confused, I looked at her as she started half dragging me back to the front of the house. "Cray, what’s going on? I need to lock up the house…" "We do not have time, I just spoke with Edie." She began loading my car, which was right in the driveway, with the 'essentials' she’d packed for me. This translated into 2 duffel bags of, who the hell knows what, and 3 grocery bags full of water, some fruits, a flashlight, a mix of AA and AAA batteries, and I couldn’t make out the rest. "We’re going to pick her up at her job. She said she knows what’s going on... well sort of knows. Says Luis knows more but hasn’t reached out to her in over 24hrs. He’s out in Atlanta doing God knows what… Anyway, she said we need to hurry to her." "Cray, wait. I can’t just leave everything. What about Michael?" At the name, Cray cringed a little. "Cray, I know you hate him right now, but he’s still your husband, and my brother. Have you heard anything from him at all?" She just shook her head. "Did you check all your messages; you mentioned you received a lot." "Did you check yours?" she tartly responded. At this, I looked at my hand and realized it was gripping the shovel, not my phone. Cray caught the glance to my right hand. "I put it in the 'essentials' bag; we’ll charge it in the car. He didn’t call me, but he called you…" She began to look past me. I turned around to follow her line of sight… We both then looked at each other, and practically jumped into the car. Doors locked, engine on, shovel tossed in the backseat... I had never pulled out of my driveway so fast! As I did, I heard the sickening thump and crunch as I ran over what Cray and I had just been starring at. It was my neighbor, Ms. Xavies - only her head was in the wrong direction long before my car ran over it… Way to start off my Monday!

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