Monday, February 14, 2011

Unthinkable 1/2

Seeing signs that somebody out there is still alive gave me great satisfaction.  I started to believe that things might get brighter for me in the days ahead.  It was dusk out when I pulled onto my street and parked my car in the driveway.  Upon stepping out of my car and closing the door I immediately felt as though my heart had stopped for a split-second.  All I could hear is loud barking coming from my backyard.  It was Pippo and I knew it!
     I took my 9mm off safety and ran to the backyard without even thinking what could be back there waiting for me.  All I knew at this point is that my last remaining buddy was distressed over something.  I ran down the long driveway and much to my dismay my backdoor was open.  Now at this point I started crying, but only because all I could think of was the worst case scenario.  How could I not think that?  Entering the house I knew that I had locked Pippo in my room and so maybe he was just nervous.  

Step by Step:
  1. I entered the kitchen through the backdoor and noticed nothing was touched.  
  2. Passing through the kitchen I heard a bang from upstairs.  It is at this point my hear rate is at its peak.
  3. Moving passed by bathroom door there was nothing in there.
  4. I get passed the study room where my chairs were knocked over which leads me to believe that my house has been raided by either a survivor or worse an undead.
  5. The boiler room door is closed and I didn't intend on opening it.
  6. I creep passed the laundry room where there was nothing, but dirty laundry.
  7. I went up the stairs quietly, but quickly.  Have to be nimble.  
  8. And Now...

     Upon reaching the top stairs it was the worst sight I had ever seen.  Three zombies were standing right outside my bedroom door.  It was locked and I made a fatal error.  I didn't check my back while going up the stairs.  I heard steps behind me and turned around to see there were two adult male zombies making their way up the staircase.  In my mind I knew this could very well be the end of my journey if I didn't make every shot count.  My hockey stick was in the car and all I had was the 9mm and whatever else I can get my hands on in the house within reach.

     These two zombies were clearly athletic and would be more than capable of keeping up with my speed.  I knew I had to take them out first as the other three haven't noticed I arrived yet.  I fired down the stairs hitting one undead in the nose and it dropped to the floor in front of the other which bought me maybe five seconds to shoot ahead by creating a stumbling block.  Pippo's barks were getting louder and I knew I had to make it to my boy before this were to be our end.  I fired at the three ahead of me only hitting two and they dropped while the other now turned his attention to me and solely to me.  

     There was one zombie behind me and he is now running up the stairs.  At this point I am just in complete tears because let's face it this is the end of me with only 5 bullets left and little room to run which is my strong point.  I maneuvered into my parent's room knowing there was only one way in and out.  I slid in and pointed my gun to the door and fired directly ahead...

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