Monday, February 21, 2011

Unthinkable Finale 2/2

     I fired ahead and shot one of the zombies in the knee cap, but it took me two shots while the other moved past this crippled one.  He lunged at me while I was rolling over and I fired right at his face and once while he was down.  This leaves me with one bullet which I was proud to walk right up to this garbage undead and blast right in its brain.  I immediately went into the hallway and went straight into my rooms direction where Pippo was still barking.

     Upon arriving at my room's door I noticed these zombies were breaking it down and left a huge hole down the middle.  Mah du Pippo was almost dinner and I can assure you I wouldn't have been able to go on with the guilt.  I opened the door and picked him up in relief.  His heart racing at an unprecedented rate.

     This is the point now where I realize it won't be too safe to just linger in one place.   I am going to need to find other survivors and hopefully their shelter is still worthy of being called a safe-house.  This night will result in me boarding up the back door with the kitchen table wood.

     It only took me 1 hour for that operation to take place and this is the point where I'd shut all the lights off and make sure Pippo has everything he needs upstairs so he doesn't require barking to alert me.  I decided from this day forth the 2nd floor wouldn't be the safest place in the house, but I should take this to the 3rd floor.  I am now thinking I should go to my car and get "Old Faithful" and bring it inside because I could have sure used it earlier.

     The time comes around 9 p.m. where I grow about insecure not having my hockey stick handy and I decide I'll see if it is clear outside so I can grab it from the backseat.  When I reach the living room and look through the blinds out the front window I see a horde of zombies at the surrounding houses.  Must be about 20 or 25 of them.  "How the hell is this happening?!?" is the only thing running across my mind.  Within seconds I hear something I had hoped I'd never hear and it makes me realize there was one thing I forgot to do...check the 3rd floor.  The sound of furniture moving and constantly.  Pippo is beginning to bark and I am worried the horde will hear him.  Not to mention all I have is my gun which would be too loud and draw the attention to my house.  I cant deny the panic spreading throughout my body and mind.  I decide to keep the door leading to the 3rd floor locked until I can find something silent and pray it is just one.  When I collected my thoughts I realized I had an entire golfing set downstairs in the laundry room and had an assortment of weapons to utilize.

     The 3-Wood always worked wonders for me and I am certain it wont fail me now, but to be safe I will take my 8-Iron as well.  I place the 9mm in the back of my pants and decide to make sure people is calm and anybody that had the luxury to meet the guy know all that will take is some bread.  This is the moment where I am so friggin annoyed that I unlock the door quietly and make my way up to the 3rd floor gingerly.  I wait about 5 steps from the top hoping a sound is made so I can know which direction to give my attention first.  The sound is finally made and it is just to the right in the large living room with the connected kitchen.  No way around it at this point I am freaking out because the 3rd floor always scares me at night since I was just a boy.  I have my 3-Wood in hand because it has longer range and I creep slowly towards the living room when I noticed something I couldn't believe.  One of the walkers was upstairs in my house standing at the window and stumbling backwards pushing the couch back and coffee table.

     I move into the room and look left into the dark kitchen and it seems clear.  It crosses my mind that this thing will likely smell me as I approach it closer.  So i noticed the lamp was within reach of me and I outstretched my arm and grabbed it.  Too bad once I grabbed this lamp the sound of the cord in socket getting pulled drew the attention of this undead woman and she turned quickly and screeched.  Not only am I pissed she is in my house and I am going to have to clean up, but that screech was awful.  I dropped the lamp and clutched my 3-Wood like I would a baseball bat and swung directly at her temple.  She dropped hard and that's when I switched to my 8-Iron and bashed her head in multiple times.

     Now I realize it is best to be safe and check the rest of the floor for walkers and fortunately there was nothing left for me to kill.  I am annoyed because I have an OCD with being clean and keeping things clean, but this horde outside is preventing me from clearing these bodies.  Instead I decide to tie this one undead woman up to the door hinge with a rope that was in the hallway closet.  While also locking the door until morning.  Next up were the zombies downstairs.  I brought them all into one room and tied them together by their legs and closed them in my parents room until morning and sealed that door off as well.

    There better not be anymore traumatic events like this because I will likely lose my nerve and get careless with precautions and just light these creatures up.  God, why is this happening?!

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