Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where is the Chosen 1?



After an unprecedented overflow of concerned calls and letters by all the beautiful women of the world asking where Jay MF Ruez is, our covert news team has finally located him and asked him for the reason of his sudden silence. His response:

“Ladies, the chosen one has not forgotten ya, nonono, still love the shit out of ya, even the regular looking ones. Daddy is still alive and cooling. Prophecy still in effect. Gospel of Impregnation still a go. Reason for the resent silence is because a lot of shit went down, daddy will recap the whole EPIC adventure for ya so that my legend can be told to the new world of Jay MF Ruez created babies. Mwah ladies, I’m playing Cutie right now thinking of ya”

And There You Have it Ladies, dudes stop hating. Jay MF Ruez is safe and apparently has some EPIC & LEGENDARY account of his recent interactions with the zombies.

Stay Tuned

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