Sunday, January 9, 2011

Reality Sinks In

One week has passed since my first encounter with a woman turned zombie. I'm still a little bit disgruntled at who the turned victim was because I'll repeat it is a waste of a perfectly good woman. I now find myself having to head out to the local supermarkets to obtain food for not only myself, but Pippo (the dog).

Throughout the week I was having to move around the streets quickly, but quietly. Fortunately that wasn't much of an issue considering I got my hands on a Prius. Of course keeping the Prius moving at under 5 mph was the true move to success because as we all know a Prius under 5 mph makes absolutely no sound whatsoever. I take all the safety precautions when arriving at the supermarket.

Safety Precautions:

1) Check all the aisles first.
2) Check the offices.
3) Survey the back of the supermarket before continuing shopping.
4) Finally have yourself an alternate exit ready in the instance that a zombie does make an appearance.

*My alternate route out of the supermarket was the front-exit of the store because I don't trust back doors very much.*

Inside the supermarket I grabbed some of your everyday necessities such as: bottled water, granola bars, cereal (sadly dry due to expired milk), and for the dog his food and treats. Carried with me at all times is my 9mm with a full-clip because thank the heavens I hadn't found a reason to fire...yet. The dog was home locked inside the house because the last thing I need is for a zombie to break in desiring a four-legged snack. I started walking towards this Prius that I earlier snatched up when I took notice that two zombies who could have been no older than 13 were hovering just around the car. My thoughts, "okay screw the car it's just a Prius anyway". One would ask, why not just shoot them and get in the car? It's a Prius and so it isn't worth alerting a mob of zombies to my location by firing the gun. So it is at this time I decided I'd walk home the six blocks.

Patrolling the streets with a handgun and a bag of groceries was never an image I had of myself, but I never imagined a zombie apocalypse either. I made it home without a zombie on the street aside from those two around the Prius I had stolen. It does worry me to think that there are four buildings on my block with plenty of tenants that may or may not be zombies. When I got back home I locked up the doors and got ready to prepare a meal for myself and Pippo. He has been extremely sad during this period because he suffers from separation anxiety and it has been a week and half since my family has been home. He wasn't alone with these feelings because I was having a reality check and I missed everyone dear to me since that dreadful ball drop.

The lack of the living dead walking the streets has me thinking that they haven't figured out how to open doors. It is at this point I am starting to think I should get into my car and take a drive out of the 718 area code to see what else is happening and if there are better places to be. I'll sleep on it.

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