Isaac "Eat them first" Maldonado

My secret to survival "eat them before they eat you."
I always wondered what a person tastes like, and now's my chance to find out. As long as the meat is cooked, you can't get infected, I think.
I bought an axe at the NY Renaissance Faire about 2 years ago, and i haven't had an opportunity to use it. Shined and sharpened, me and my axe, Beatriz, are ready for a fight. Beatriz is quiet and she never runs out of bullets.


1. So Young, So Beautiful... 1/4
2. So Young, So Beautiful... 2/4
3. So Young, So Beautiful... 3/4
4. So Young, So Beautiful... 4/4
5. The End is Just the Beginning 1/2
6. The End is Just the Beginning 2/2
7. Who's on the Menu?
8. Goodbye Cookie