Anonymity is our key... for the safety of ourselves and anyone reading this our true identities must remain secret.We work as shadows trying to get as much information to those surviving from those who hold the key to this mess. Let me introduce ourselves: 
First there is Cray. Fashion savvy head designer for now defunct cannot mention brand. However, her knack for design and fierce fashion has greatly improved our survival in some of the most basic of ways, like our outfit choice when we left our homes behind.
Edie, the second of our band of three, well, Edie's made me more aware of the beauty and art of DNA, especially the fascinating grotesque aspect of Zombie DNA. She is an amazing scientist,  specializing in Genetics. I know, win for our team. Her brains and contacts are part of the reason we are even able to get this information out to you.
 Finally, there is me.. I'll call myself May cause I always loved that month. I use to be a corporate lawyer. Now I'm just using my knowledge to help stabilize a lawless existence. Remember that not every individual is at liberty to comment on the current situation. Basic rights can still be observed by what civilization remains, and in the world left after the disaster, legal implications may likely prove to be of importance.
The three of us are piecing together our lives and hopefully we can piece together yours as well... if you ever see I.B.G. tagged somewhere... just know you're on the right track out of the bleak decay you're currently surrounded by. Just follow the mark: I.B.G.

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