Weapon of Choice: Melee- Hockey Stick
                  Range: 9mm [light and allows me to use my greatest asset, my speed]

Advice: Pack light (flashlight, ammunition, socks, boxers, packaged foods, camera)

Quest: To survive and to do so while making strides to find out what has become of my vacationing family.

     Known to the few remaining in this impending doom as Francesco "Cardio First." I CAME from a very big family. Before this dreadful apocalypse reached our city, I was actively pursuing my MST degree. Playing sports was my biggest passion, and now there are few to join me in the activities. Partying? There once was a time for that, but we know now that partying is obsolete.

     The one thing that remained constant from the blissful days of the living to the dreary days of the living dead is my fitness level. Eating organic is no longer an available luxury because at this rate, if I can I'll eat anything that isn't contaminated. Finding parking for the gym isn't an issue considering I have a short commute to the gym. The streets around NYSC haven't seen much activity lately...thank you obese America!

I'm not one for goodbyes.


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